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  • Our Goal

    One of our main goals l is to show the variety of Salvadoran butterflies and the richness of our natural resources through releases of butterflies locally, and different types of crafts of high quality, providing customers with an alternative new products that at the same time contribute to the conservation of butterflies in El Salvador.

    For this we have about seventy different species of butterflies, year round and all of them 100% Salvadorian and locally bred.

    About Us

    The initiative of working with Salvadoran butterflies is born as consequence of our breeding of butterflies that we started in the country with the first exporting company of butterflies, Bioproductores of El Salvador, founded in 1989.
    Since 1998 we are pioneers in crafts with national butterflies of high quality and in releases of butterflies in all kinds of social events such as weddings, funerals, welcome parties, etc , as well as institutional or corporate events held outdoors.